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Autumn Downunder: Sydney, Australia


Visiting Sydney with a baby is a walk in the park!

Our first trip outside Singapore was to Australia!

J was 7 months old at the time, so we had finally gotten the hang of being parents and felt confident enough to manage a long plane journey. We decided to visit Australia as we knew it to be a family-friendly destination.

My husband was not able to get as much leave from work as we hoped, so I decided to fly into Sydney by myself a few days in advance.

J was fairly well-behaved on the plane during the ride over. Fortunately, I was still breastfeeding, so keeping J quiet and comfortable (especially during take off and landing) was easy.

I decided to bring along my sturdy and reliable Peg Perego Pliko pram that I was using at the time. I very quickly regretted as this decision as the Peg Perego Pliko pram is very bulky and getting it into the taxi with my luggage was a real challenge. This was the first and last time I would ever take the Peg Perego pram out of Singapore!

Travel Tip: A small, light umbrella stroller is preferable to a bulky pram.

Fortunately, Sydney is a very pram-friendly city, so getting around the city by myself was fairly simple. All the pavements are broad, and every building is accessible. I especially appreciated the fact that public transport had dedicated areas for people travelling with prams or wheelchairs!

It was a pleasure just being able to stroll from Victoria Park, through the streets and all the way to Darling Harbour. J really loved watching the boats at Darling Harbour and feeding the seagulls!


Sydney is a pram-friendly city!

All the restaurants and cafes that I visited were happy to provide highchairs and baby utensils, and all the staff were happy to warm up any baby food or milk that I brought with me. Nursing discreetly in public was not a problem at all either, and most open areas had plenty of public seating. Public toilets were all equipped with change tables and were spacious enough for me to park my enormous pram!

In general, visiting Sydney with a baby in tow was a very stress-free and pleasant experience for me.

Here is a list of my favourite baby-friendly places in Sydney:

1. WILDLIFE Sydney Zoo at Darling Harbour

This entire zoo is indoors, so you can visit it any day, rain or shine. You get to see all the different types of ozzie wildlife up close and the whole place is compact enough to visit in a morning, at a leisurely pace. Kids under the age of 4 enter this place for free, and you can save money if you book your tickets online. It costs A$26 per adult (A$12 savings) and A$16 for children aged 4-11 (A$8 savings).

For more information:

2. Manly Beach

Pack a picnic, bring a spade and take a lovely 30 minute ferry ride from Darling Harbour to Manly Beach. The breezy little beach has lovely clean sand and lots of shady places to sit, and there are plenty of little cafes and shops to visit along the promenade! The babies will enjoy a toddle by the sea, messing about on the sand or watching the surfers.

For more information:

3. The Rocks Markets

If you happen to be around on Friday and across the weekend, it’s worth visiting the Markets at The Rocks. The babies will love the different colours, sounds and smells (and tastes too!). It’s a wonderful place to find beautiful souvenirs at a bargain price or taste some delicious organic produce! Who knows, you might even be able to pick up some handmade toys or kids clothes.

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Downunder: Sydney, Australia

  1. The Sydney Wildlife Centre is also a perfect date spot, I think. There’s just this one room in it where it’s a neverending room of the most adorable animals in Australia – guaranteed to turn anyone into a whimpering mass of cute overload. XD

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