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Autumn Downunder: Merimbula and Pambula Beach, Australia


Enjoying the sand and the sea on Merimbula Beach

After a few days in Jervis Bay, it was time to continue our South Australian roadtrip. Our next stop was Merimbula, also known as the Jewel of the Sapphire Coast. We were staying on Pambula Beach which is on the south side of the Merimbula area and is about three to four hours drive from Jervis Bay, along a very scenic coastal route with loads of cute little seaside towns.

We started off in the late morning (again, so that 7 month old J could take his morning nap in the car), stopping for lunch at this lovely cafe on Bateman’s Bay on the way.

Travel Tip: If you’re on a roadtrip with an infant, try plan your most of your journey to coincide with naptime – and make sure you set off at least 15 minutes before your child actually needs to sleep so that he is still in a good mood and has time to settle down into the carseat.

We reached our accommodation at Pambula Beach by mid-afternoon which meant that we could take a gander round the village before J’s afternoon nap. The name of our self-catering holiday rental was Heaven #1. It was very clean and well-maintained, although it did smell faintly of wet dog (it’s a pet-friendly accommodation).


Meeting the locals

Pambula beach is home to mobs of kangeroos and wallabies, which made our stay there infinitely more interesting. What a thrill it is to step out of the house and watch a troupe of wallabies bounding down the centre of the road!

We took extra care to drive carefully in this region, as many an urban wallaby has met a quick and messy end through carelessness.

Many of the wallabies that we saw up close were carrying joeys in their pouches. They seemed curious about people and very friendly, obviously having lived amongst humans for a long time. The autumnal weather was quite cool and with a sharp cold wind, so most of the wallabies seemed to spend their time loafing about in the sun in groups, occasionally getting up to graze on the dry grass.


Making a new friend

We had read that wild wallabies often harbour parasites, so we did not allow J to pet them (as he was still of the age where he performed regular inspections of his fingers using his mouth). He seemed very content to observe them from a distance, but would tense up and look away if we brought him too close. I suppose that the wallabies must have appeared enormous to him!

The cool autumn weather did not prevent us from heading over to Merimbula and taking walks on the beach in the mornings and afternoons. The Merimbula bar beach is particularly beautiful stretch of sparkling golden sand that is sheltered from the winds, so it makes a very peaceful and calm family beach. There is also a lovely boardwalk not far away with stunning views, and is great for prams and strollers.

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