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Autumn Downunder: Farmstay at Jindabyne, NSW, Australia


Chook chook chook

We left Merimbula after two nights and drive inland towards Jindabyne, near the Snowy Mountains. This was a mere two and a half hours drive along the motorway (not including a brief stop in the picturesque town of Cooma on the way), so we left Pambula Beach straight after lunch and arrived Jindabyne in the late afternoon, just after J woke up from a nice long nap in the car.

The town of Jindabyne is quite a popular and busy ski resort in the wintertime, but as we were travelling in autumn, it was very quiet and peaceful. The Lake Jindabyne has a wonderful lakeside trail that is flat and perfect for strollers. There are plenty of resting place along the trail for one to stop and admire the view.

My husband and I were very excited about visiting Jindabyne as it is not only a great place to see Australia’s gorgeous alpine scenery, but is also the place that inspired the Banjo Paterson’s poem about the legendary horseman, ‘The Man from Snowy River’ (The movie is worth a looksee, too!). The town of Jindabyne is a mere thirty minutes drive from Kosciuszko National Park, home of the Snowy Mountains as well as the Snowy River.


Beautiful Lake Jindabyne

We stayed at the Highland Lodge, a lovely working cattle and sheep farm set in the midst of pristine highland country, close to Jindabyne. What a wonderful place it was!

Every morning, we headed over to the henhouse to collect our own free range eggs for breakfast. The farmer even gave us a small bucket of feed so that we could take J to feed the various species of domestic fowl on the farm. What a ruckus the birds made when they saw us coming! There were chickens, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and ducks, all strutting about and jostling with each other for food.

Little J screwed up every last ounce of courage he had and put out his little hands to pet Cadet, the welsh mountain pony as well as Dusty the mini-horse (although he was too young for a ride). He was intrigued by the alpacas, sheep and cattle, and became good friends with the friendly farm dogs who solemnly licked his outstretched fingers.

There was also a small playground which would have been a real hit with toddlers and slightly older children. Otherwise, there was plenty of open farm land for us to run over and explore together. The farmer even offered us a ride in the tractor!

In the evenings, when J was asleep in his cot, my husband and I would sit on the verenda, breathing in the cool, fresh air and watching the stars glide silently across the darkening sky.

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