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Autumn Downunder: Kosciuszko National Park and the Snowy River


J playing with the grass on Charlotte’s Pass

Kosciuszko National Park, home of the Snowy River, is a mere 30 minutes drive from the farm at Jindabyne where we were staying.

It’s difficult to describe the awesome, rugged beauty of those frozen mountains, and the icy clear waters of the Snowy River, so I will let these pictures most of the talking.


Watching the snow glittering in the sun with daddy

The National Park has plenty of roadside parking and picnic spots situated at scenic areas, but outside the ski-season, there were no cafes or restaurants open within the park.

So, if you are travelling with young kids, it is worth driving in with a day’s worth of food in the carboot and paying the full-day car entry fee instead of trying to hike up the mountainside with a baby and a full rucksack on your back.


Bright and cold

Most of the trails have very nice broad, paved walkways but even in early Autumn, there was snow and ice on them, and parts of the trail can be steep so do tread carefully. If you don’t intend to do much walking far from the car, then using a pram would be alright just to visit a few of the lookout points (I recommend Charlotte’s Pass, which has magnificent views).

However, the most interesting places are up steep slopes or narrow stairs, so if you have a baby carrier, that would be ideal for the terrain, and your little owl can peer out over the valleys and peaks whilst you hike.


By the banks of the Snowy River

J loved sitting on the clean, sweet-smelling dry grass and watching the tall stalks blowing in the wind. We watched the fish swimming in the river, and lay on our backs gazing up at birds wheeling in lazy circles overhead.


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15 thoughts on “Autumn Downunder: Kosciuszko National Park and the Snowy River

  1. Ah….enticing me back to the Land Downunder….We didn’t see a need to go there since we discovered Taiwan – almost everything we have experienced in Australia can be experienced in Taiwan, plus the latter is cheaper and gives the kids the much needed Chinese immersion experience but the mountains in your post here ….hmmmm…..Thanks for sharing.

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