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Autumn Downunder: Canberra surrounds


High, high as the sky

After a week in the Murray valley, it was time to head back to Sydney. We decided to break up what would otherwise be an entire day’s worth of driving into two days instead.

This would be much more manageable than attempting to do a full eight hour journey with little J strapped to a carseat for that length of time. It would be torturous for him (and for us!) .

Travel Tip: When calculating travel times with an infant in a car seat, add an extra hour for every two hours of actual driving time to account for feeding, nappy changes and all important stretching to get the wiggles out (those infant car seats are very restrictive).

We decided to stopover for a night just outside Canberra, at a B&B called Last Stop Ambledown Brook, about four hours drive away from the Murray Valley Resort.

This is a beautiful B&B overlooking the Brindabella Ranges – and the fun part of it is that the rooms are actually refurbished train and tram carriages!


The view from the front of our train carriage – the XBS 2162

We stayed in the XBS 2162, which is a 1935 S-type steel passenger carriage with wooden panelling on the walls and black leather train seats. In its heyday, the XBS 2162 functioned as a first class carriage on the New South Wales Government Railways and was built by Clyde Engineering. The refurbished carriage was very comfortable, with plenty of room for our family and is beautifully preserved. It still had  its original silver pull-down basin in the bathroom!

The B&B is within walking distance of a few award-winning wineries which we were hoping to visit for tea. Unfortunately, as we arrived in the region very late in the afternoon, they were no longer serving food, so we decided to go to the nearby town of Gungahlin for dinner instead.


Rambling along

In order to work up an appetite before dinner (and to stretch our tired legs), we rambled around the 40 acres of rolling countryside surrounding the B&B. It would have been lovely to stay here for more than just a night as there seemed to be plenty to do in the surrounding Murumbidgee Corridor and in the Canberra wine region.

But, after a delicious cooked breakfast on the front verandah of the B&B,  we reluctantly headed back to Sydney city to catch our flight back home.

P.S. Check out the whole roadtrip itinerary here.


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