It’s lovely in Pembrokeshire: Newgale Beach


And I would walk 500 miles

Newgale Beach (or Niwgwl to the local Welsh population) is an incredible three mile stretch of beach with clean golden sand, and is located on the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The beach is absolutely stunning, bounded on both sides by tall cliffs, and it is one of the cleanest beaches that I have ever visited, receiving the coveted European ‘Blue Flag’ certification by the Foundation for Environmental Education for having the best water quality, safety and facilities. This makes it a wonderful place to bring your family and your kids, especially during the UK school holidays when the lifeguard patrols are in full force.

The drive to Newgale Beach is one of my favourites as you can see the beach and the bright blue waters shimmering from miles away, surrounded by chessboard fields crisscrossed with hedgerows. Sometimes, from far off, you can even see the brightly coloured wings of kites and kitesurfers, and the bright triangles of windsurfers zipping up and down the waters.

The waves there are brilliant for surfing, especially if you are a beginner, and there are plenty of surf schools nearby which you can arrange for a group or private lesson (board and wetsuit rental included) for a reasonable fee.


Walking along, minding our own business

We love going rockpooling on the beach, so we always grab a few cheap long-handled nets and buckets from one of the little beach shops on the waterfront. There’s a decent family-run pub (and B&B)  therewhich is child-friendly and a couple of cafes that serve hot food and takeaways so you can stay at the beach all day.

It’s also fun to head up over the cliff path for a bit of exploring. The cliff-path is a great place to take in some gorgeous panoramic views, and good vantage point to look out for seals and dolphins! You might even see puffins flying or bobbing on the water.


What treasures can we fish out today?

The beach itself is flat with very densely packed sand, so it’s easy for families who need to use pushchairs and I’ve even seen people racing in wheelchairs or kitesurfing along the beach. It also makes it easy to walk on as the sand is firm and doesn’t give way beneath your feet!

The smooth and moist sand on Newgale Beach has a great texture for building sandcastles and sand sculptures as well, even at low tide. Low tide really is the best time to head to the beach with your family, because the sand seems to stretch endless on and you can play all the way up the beach without worrying about the tide coming in and washing your tots out to sea!


J has already started practicing digging trenches

There are plenty of little caves in the cliffside which are quite fun to explore. J and Little E love to pretend that they are looking for pirate treasure in the caves and are happy climbing up and down the slippery rocks in there or shouting at their echoes.

The Husband likes to pretend to be a different sort of pirate

The Husband likes to pretend to be a different sort of pirate

We usually spend the whole day here, bringing along some sandwiches, fruit and drinks for sustenance. Before we leave, we wander far out to the sea to watch the waves crashing onto the beach and rinse out all the sandy toys, and the kids run in large circles along the sand, hopping over trickles of water from the rock pools and streams that are slowly draining out to sea.


Running along to the water’s edge

Newgale Beach is easy to get to as it is along a main road between the city of St David and Haversfordwest, and there is plenty of free parking, and if you’re feeling intrepid enough, you can try camping at the Newgale Campsite!


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