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Vlog special: London in One Day (With Kids)

Here’s a short video of our one day walking tour of London!

P.S. Read the full write up of our visit here.


14 thoughts on “Vlog special: London in One Day (With Kids)

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  2. I love london and would love to bring the man and the kid there someday. I have always been there for work and it is just not enough to see the pretty city. Love how you could get so much done with the kids in just a day! Thanks for sharing

  3. I do miss London too. The place but not the people. It’s filled with migrants! Thank goodness you live 45 min away where people are English and nicer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Always love love love your Vlog! I find it’s a better way to capture memories for the kids than photographs. Why don’t you share a post on the process of creating a Vlog with your readers? That’ll be very useful.

  5. Nice vlog! I’ve started doing more videos too these days, but the disk space run out so fast on all my devices! London is also another place I hope to visit one day.

  6. I like the idea of a vlog! And It would be so helpful to anyone who wants to bring their kids exploring in London. The kids looked like they really enjoyed the day out!

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