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Adventures in New Zealand: Wonderful Wanaka – Lake Wanaka

A few years back, we went on a family holiday to the South Island of New Zealand, spending a week in Wanaka and another week in Queenstown. Little E was 9 months old at the time and J was nearly 4 years old.

This was Little E’s 2nd trip out of Singapore, so we decided to break journey halfway and stop over at Sydney for a few days before taking the second leg of the flight from Sydney to Queenstown. From Queenstown, we hired a car from JUCY rentals and drove along the incredibly scenic highway to the Lake Wanaka.

As we were planning to be in Wanaka for the week (and we were there with all our extended family), we decided to stay in a lovely self-catering apartment in The Pines Resort.


Self-catering is the way to go

The Pines Resort is located within walking distance of Lake Wanaka and the town centre, and it has gorgeous vistas of the mountains. It was wonderfully quiet at night as well, which helped a lot in trying to get the children to settle to sleep and overcome their jet lag.

After arriving at the resort, we rested for a short while, then immediately headed to the nearest supermarket to stock up on essential items for the week! The New World Supermarket was a only short stroll down the road and I was pleased to see that the fresh milk and produce available seemed to be sourced locally – and it all looked so lovely.

Jelly is an Essential Food Item, Mummy!

Jelly is an Essential Food Item, Mummy!

We decided to take it easy on our first day and just explore the township of Wanaka, which is located on the shores of Lake Wanaka, a huge blue lake, bordered by mountains.


The lake lay blue below the hill

We spent most of the morning lazing on the pebbles by the lake, watching the waterbirds paddling around and listening to the sound of the gentle waves lapping against the shore.

J amused himself by throwing pebbles into the water, watching the waves ripple outwards in every increasing circles.

Fly little birds

Fly little birds

After a quick lunch at one of the nearby cafés, and a quick snooze back at the apartment, we walked to Pembroke Park which is a small expanse of green across from Lake Wanaka. As it was a Thursday afternoon, Pembroke Park was covered in little stalls and tents, all ready for the weekly Farmer’s Market.

There was so much to see at the Wanaka Farmer’s Market! There were stalls selling tender cuts of lamb and organic eggs, freshly baked breads and pastries, homemade jams and chutneys, and then a variety of handicraft tents selling everything from fine silver jewellery to Lord of the Ring’s armour to hand dyed, handspun wool.

The Wanaka Farmer's Market

The Wanaka Farmer’s Market

After browsing the stalls, the Barn Owl and the kids sat down on the grass to enjoy the warm sunshine…while I popped off to get some freshly squeezed juice and warm baked goodies for an impromptu picnic!


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