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Things to do at Disneyworld #1: Get Pinned – Pin Trading at Disneyworld

Disneyworld provides a wonderful, safe environment if you want to help your kids to be more confident when it comes to social interaction and teach them good social behaviours when it comes to dealing with retailers and salespeople – and a fun way to do this is by pin-trading!

Owls Well

Ever since I got my pin lanyard way back in 2006, when Disney was celebrating its “Year of a Million Dreams” campaign, I’ve been hooked on pin-trading.  It was a completely unexpected random giveaway that happened I was in the line for Mission: Space in Tomorrowland.  Since then, pin trading has become one of the biggest highlights of my Disney trips.

FullSizeRender(4) My favourite pin

Every time I got to Disneyworld (or a subsidiary thereof), I take stock of the pins that I currently have in my collection, pick the ones that I want to keep and leave the rest for random trading.  There’s just something really exciting about spotting awesome pins and trading for them, or finding that very rare pin that you really love.  To me, the real value is in finding those unique pins that I can wear on my lapel for everyday.  For example, one of my…

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