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Things to do at Disneyworld #2: Visit with Disney Princesses

A visit with the Disney Princesses at DisneyWorld was unexpectedly magical! Check out our experience with over at Owls Well (as well as some tips on how to avoid the ridiculously long queues).

Owls Well

During our recent visit to Disneyworld, I decided (privately) that going to character meet-and-greets would be very low down on our priority list.

I mean, there are people who are willing to queue for hours at the Disney parks in order to take photos and obtain autographs from their favourite characters. The longest of these queues, of course, belongs to the Disney Princesses.

The Disney Princess franchise is a Big Deal, and there are people who buy into it hook, line and sinker. From the minute you step into the parks, every single Disney cast member will begin greeting all the little girls as ‘Princess’ and all the little boys as ‘Little Prince’. And the kids love it. They really do.

You can even bring your children to a special beauty parlour where fairy godmothers (with wands and everything) will transform them into miniature princesses or knights complete…

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