Australasia / Victoria

Marvellous Melbourne: Melbourne and surrounds, Australia


Picnicking at St Kilda

Earlier this year, the Barn Owl was sent to Melbourne to attend a conference over the weekend, so we decided to take a week and make it into a family holiday! This was our first time visiting Melbourne and we wanted to explore the city as well as the surrounding countryside.

Our youngest child, Thumper, was 11 months old during this trip. He was weaning onto solid foods but also still breastfeeding. For us, this meant that it would still be relatively easy to manage him on the plane or on the go because I only needed to latch him on during take off and landing or whenever he got fussy. Additionally, Australia sells plenty of high quality, organic baby food which is not only widely available but also tastes really good whilst being healthy and well-balanced, and in a variety of flavours and textures so I did not have to worry about catering for his weaning needs.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some highlights from our holiday in Melboune as well as some travel tips that I found useful, so stay tuned!


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