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Spring Break Downunder: Port Macquarie and Hunter Valley


Going somewhere over the rainbow

Late last year, after our marvellous week in Melbourne, we returned to the Land Downunder in the springtime to the Hunter region of New South Wales. This time we decided not to visit Sydney city at all, and spent the first part of the week at Port Macquarie, and then a few days exploring Hunter Valley.

Unfortunately, the Barn Owl wasn’t able to join us on this holiday, so I travelled with our three kids (aged 8, 5 and 1 year old during the trip), as well as the Aged Ps. We also met up with my sister, A Becky C and her hubby the Boobook, who spent the weekend with us in Port Macquarie.

Springtime in New South Wales means that the weather fluctuates between warm sunny days and frigid rainy days, but in general, there’s still plenty to do with the kids even if it’s wet!

The biggest challenge of the holiday was managing my toddler, Thumper, on the journey and catering to his appetite. At a 1 year old, he’d been fully weaned onto solid foods, but still needed to have his foods finely chopped up. I made the decision to book only self-catering apartments that had a kitchen so that I could prepare his meals.

To make food preparation easy and quick, I brought over a self-stirring magic blender (i.e. a Thermomix) as well as several tupperwares for freezing, reheating and serving food.

Mummy Travel Tip: To prepare homecooked meals for the littlest one in the family on the fly, invest in a good, portable food processor and leakproof microwaveable containers!

Restaurants in Australia are generally very child-friendly and were all happy to help replate Thumper’s food – some even plating the food for you!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some highlights from our holiday in Melbourne as well as some travel tips that I hope will be useful – so stick around!



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