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Peaceful Port Macquarie: Tacking Point and Lighthouse Beach

We’d spent a lazy morning recuperating from our flight to Sydney and the two hour drive into Port Macquarie the previous evening. We’d managed to stop off at the supermarket on the way, and so we had farm fresh fruits with yoghurt and muesli for breakfast!


Lazy morning with the kids

The kids were energised and ready to head outdoors, so we took a short drive from our holiday cottage in Port Macquarie to Tacking Point Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in Australia.


Thumper and the Aged P walking to Tacking Point Lighthouse

When we got to the tall rocky headland of Tacking Point, we were greeted by a lovely rainbow arching over the sea. The children delighted in running over the grassy knolls just next to the roadside parking area.

The tiny blue and white lighthouse is easily assessable from the carpark, and there’s also a viewing platform a little way off from where you can see the building perched up on the headland and enjoy the view of the coastline.


Beautiful views of the coastline and lighthouse from the viewing platform

Unfortunately, the lighthouse itself is not open to tourists but you can still walk around the building and grounds, and take a rest on the benches facing the sea. If you’re lucky, you might even spot pods of dolphins or a migrating humpback whale!


Enjoying the sea breeze

Tacking Point Lighthouse is at one end of a 9km coastal walk all the way from the Town Beach of Port Macquarie – so it would have made a very nice day out for families with older kids!

A steep flight of stairs took us from the viewing platform in front of the lighthouse, all the way down to Lighthouse Beach. As you can see from the way we were dressed, I  hadn’t planned on walking down to the beach that day, as I was not sure if the Aged Ps would be able to manage the steep, rickety wooden steps. However, we just couldn’t resist the sound of the waves and the salty smell of the sea!


Lighthouse Beach

As soon as we got down onto the beach, the kids busied themselves watching the tiny crabs scuttling over the fine golden sand, and drawing pictures with sticks, whilst curious kookaburras perched on nearby rocks to watch, and laughed at us.

The waves and the surf were pretty strong, so the children were cautioned to stay well away from the sea, even though they wanted to explore the rock pools closer to the water’s edge.


Staying until the sunset

We stayed longer than we intended to, enjoying the fresh clean air, and the sun was beginning to dip down as we reluctantly peeled ourselves away. Although there’s a nice wide road leading to the lighthouse, the roads are generally not well lit at night, and we didn’t want to be caught blundering around some unfamiliar country lanes in the dark on our first day!

Tacking Point Lighthouse
Lot 2 Lighthouse Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

For information on weather and safety conditions at Lighthouse Beach, click here


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