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Peaceful Port Macquarie: Sea Acres National Park

After checking the weather, we found out that it was going to be one of those days where the weather would flip-flop between sun and drizzle, so we decided to visit Sea Acres National Park and go for a walk in the cool subtropical rainforest.

We would have liked to explore more of the other more challenging walking trails at the park, but one year old Thumper was still quite unsteady on his feet (and being a large toddler, he was too heavy for me to carry in a sling), so we decided to go for the stroller friendly rainforest boardwalk instead.


On the Sea Acres Rainforest Boardwalk with our knowledgeable guide

For a nominal fee, our whole family gained entry to the rainforest boardwalk, which is a great wheelchair and stroller friendly walk on an elevated platform, where you can a good view of both the rainforest canopy as well as the forest understorey.

We were fortunate enough to arrive at the boardwalk just in time for the guided tour, learning about the plants and animals unique to that region, which the children really enjoyed. We were also able to see many little birds and bush turkeys wandering along the forest floor and the kids were thrilled to find the discarded skin of a diamond python in a little pile near a hollow log.


Exploring the Sea Acres National Park

Afterwards, the children explored the Spirit of the Land interactive exhibition and completed some fun kid-friendly activities at the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, learning about the rich culture of the Birpai Aborigines who are native to the region.

We liked this boardwalk so much that we decided to return to it after lunch so that J and Little E could have more time outdoors whilst Thumper took his afternoon nap in the stroller!

Sea Acres National Park and Rainforest Centre
Opening Hours: 9am – 430pm daily (closed on Christmas)
159 Pacific Drive, Port Macquarie NSW
Tel: (02) 6582 3355


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