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Peaceful Port Macquarie: Shelley Beach

It was late in the afternoon when we reached Shelley Beach, after post-prandial jaunt at Sea Acres National Park.

The skies were clear, but the beach was damp after the day’s drizzling. That didn’t stop the kids from getting onto the soft white sand and running straight down to the sea!


J and Little E enjoying some sandy playtime

Shelley Beach is a lovely little natural tidal lagoon, so it is much more sheltered and the waves are gentle enough for little ones to paddle about in (under supervision, of course). The beach has got some very basic facilities – just toilets and a changing area – so make sure you have plenty of water and snacks with you before you go!

Thumper was pretty tired, so I put him in his stroller for a quick nap in the sea breeze (much more fun than napping in the cramped carseat). It must have been a real treat for him to wake up to the sound of the waves! He immediately began running after bush turkeys that had wandered out of the Sea Acres rainforest, squealing with delight.


Thumper enjoying a stroll by the sea, Little E with her treasures

Meanwhile, Little E and J were very busy beach combing, occasionally running back to me to show me various treasures that they had found. Shelley Beach lives up to its name and there were a ton of beautiful seashells strewn across the sands, just waiting to be found.


Exploring Shelley Beach and the bush furniture

Shelley Beach used to be home to a well-respected local artist, Harry Thompson, who looked after the beach for. A paved spiral path and several magnificent pieces of hand carved wooden benches and sculptures pay tribute to the ‘mayor of Shelley Beach’.

The wooden chairs and benches are well-shaded and would make an excellent picnic spot – and that’s where the Aged Ps rested after playing with the kids on the beach, and where we stopped to watch the parasailers flying into the sunset.


Parasailing into the sunset

Shelley Beach
Shelly Beach Road, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

For more information on weather and beach safety conditions at Shelley Beach, click here


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