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Peaceful Port Macquarie: Flynns Beach and Town Beach

It was a bright and sunny morning, so we decided to spend it exploring the coastal path from Town Beach, in the centre of Port Macquarie.

We got to Town Beach soon after breakfast, and the place was already bustling with surfers and moms-and-tots playgroups. Fortunately, there was plenty of parking available, close to the facilities and picnic areas.


Walking along the coastal path on Flynns Beach and up onto Flagstaff Hill

I managed to convince the kids that it would be fun to go for a walk first before playing on the sand, so we started along the coastal path.

The Port Macquarie coastal walk stretches from Town Beach, all the way to Lighthouse Beach, and although the paths are wide and well maintained, not all of it is stroller and wheelchair friendly. However, the portion of the coastal path connecting Town Beach and the neighbouring Flynn Beach is wide and relatively flat, so it was an easy walk for the Aged Ps and the kids, and I could push Thumper along in the stroller.

We stopped midway between the two beaches to climb up to the top of Flagstaff Hill, where we could get a good look at the turquoise waters and watch the surfers ride the waves.


The beautiful Port Macquarie coastal walk

Although Town Beach itself was really busy as it had the best waves for surfers, we found many little quiet sandy coves dotted along the coastal path and it would have been easy to find an uncrowded area to stop for a picnic.


Relaxing on a shady bench

After walking about for an hour or so, enjoying the gorgeous sea views, Thumper had fallen fast asleep in his stroller, and we had all exhausted our water supplies and had worked up a powerful thirst.

Fortunately, Flynns Beach is home to the Salty Crew Kiosk, which serves light meals, delicious smoothies and thickshakes! There was plenty of outdoor seating at the front of the cafe, but the Aged Ps preferred to sit on a bench round the corner in the shade.


Delicious thickshakes from Salty Crew Kiosk

With yummy drinks in hand, cool tunes to listen to and free wifi, we were pretty glad to stop there for the rest of the day!

Flynns Beach and Town Beach
Pacific Drive, Flynns Beach, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444
For more information about weather conditions and beach safety at Town Beach click here

Salty Crew Kiosk
Opening hours: Daily, from 6am
3 William Street, Town Beach, Port Macquarie NSW 2444
Tel: +61 (02) 6584 4079


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