Hello Hakone Itinerary

hakone-jinja-cedar-avenueHere is my entire itinerary for a trip to Hakone, Japan.

Total number of days: 6

Total number of people travelling together: 3 adults, 2 children (5 and 2 years old)

Primary mode of transport: Train (and other forms of public transport)

electric-express-train-japanDay 1:Getting to Hakone from Tokyo

Day 2: The Hakone Round Course part 1

  • Owakudani Volcano
  • Lake Ashi
  • Hakone Checkpoint (Hakone Sekisho)
  • Hakone Detached Palace Gardens

Day 3: The Hakone Round Course part 2

  • Hakone Cedar Avenue
  • Old Tokaido Highway (Stone-paved road)
  • Amazake-Chaya Teahouse

Day 4: A Day in Gora

  • Gora Park and Crafthouse
  • Rikyu Tonkatsu Restaurant

Day 5: A brief tour of Lake Kawaguchiko (only if your kids love public transport)

  • Lake Kawaguchiko
  • Kubota Itchiku Museum

Day 6: Hakone Open-Air Museum

Travel Tips: A guide to visiting The Japanese Onsen (with kids!)

4 thoughts on “Hello Hakone Itinerary

  1. Hi Debs! Love your site! been reading in preparation for our family trip to Tokyo/hakone this June=)

    May I know how did you utilised your 3 days Hakone Freepass over your 6 days itinerary in Hakone?

    I’m curious did you separately pay for return fare from hakone to Shinjuku as the pass will expired on the 3rd day, which includes return fare back to Shinjuku?

    Did you use pram throughout Hakone stays? I’m curious as I’m travelling with 3 kids, 1,3 and 6 years old this June.

    Hope to hear from you,

    • Hi Christina, thanks for popping by!
      We bought an extension to our freepass after 3 days.
      Yes, we did use an umbrella stroller, depending on where we going and what we were planning to do that day. Not all places in Hakone are stroller friendly.

  2. Thank you Debs for sharing.

    Btw, did you depart Japan via Haneda airport or Narita airport? I read Haneda airport is much nearer and cheaper route from Hakone area.

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