Two Days in Tokyo Itinerary


Here is my itinerary for a weekend jaunt in Tokyo City.

Total number of days: 2

Total number of people travelling together: 2 adults, 2 children (5 and 2 years old)

Primary mode of transport: Train

Travel Tip: If you’re travelling via train with tiny tots, either bring a light umbrella stroller (that can be managed one-handed) or a baby carrier. Most of the station platforms are only directly accessible via stairs or escalator.

Where we stayed: Ikebukuro District at the Family Inn Saiko. (Bonus Treat: The Family Inn Saiko provides a free Kimono experience for all guests!)


Day 1: Tokyo City and Surrounds

  • Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Ghibli Museum
  • Ikebukuro Shopping
  • Nekobukuro Cat Cafe

Day 2: Tokyo Disneyland

Things to note: 

  1. Ghibli Museum tickets can only be purchased in advance from LAWSON convenience stores within Japan and from Japan Travel Agencies outside Japan.
  2. If you are travelling within Tokyo/Yokohama via train from the Narita International Airport, it is worth getting the N’EX and SUICA package deal upon arrival in Japan! The N’EX is a one way or return ticket (we chose the return ticket option) and the SUICA is a stored value travel card which can be used on buses and at selected stores.

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